Experiments on Influence of Construal Level During Process Modeling

Zimoch, Michael (2012) Experiments on Influence of Construal Level During Process Modeling. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

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Process Models have become an important element for the specification of individual procedures in an organization. An incorrect or incomplete model leads to risks or even losses. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that process models represent corresponding procedures as well as possible. It is well known that granularity of process models depends on various factors that must be considered. In this regard, an often overlooked and not considered factor is the psychological distance. The purpose of this thesis is to introduce the Construal Level Theory and their influence on the process of process modeling. In this context, an important factor that apparently affects the granularity of process models is the psychological distance, which is part of the Construal Level Theory. To confirm this assumption, an experiment is carried out. The results indicate that psychological distance affects process modeling as well as resulting process models. In general, lower psychological distance leads to more detailed process models. However, further research is required to investigate the influence of psychological distance in more detail.

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