TopX 2.0 at the INEX 2008 Efficiency Track

Theobald, Martin and AbuJarour, Mohammed and Schenkel, Ralf (2008) TopX 2.0 at the INEX 2008 Efficiency Track. In: 7th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval.

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For the INEX Efficiency Track 2008, we were just on time to finish and (for the first time) evaluate our brand-new TopX 2.0 prototype. Complementing our long-running effort on efficient top-k query processing on top of a relational back-end, we now switched to a compressed object-oriented storage for text-centric XML data with direct access to customized inverted files, along with a complete reimplementation of the engine in C++. Core of the new engine is a multiple-nested block-index structure that seamlessly integrates top-kstyle sorted access to large blocks stored as inverted files on disk with in-memory merge-joins for efficient score aggregations. The main challenge in designing this new index structure was to marry no less than three different paradigms in search engine design: 1) sorting blocks in descending order of the maximum element score they contain for threshold-based candidate pruning and top-k-style early termination; 2) sorting elements within each block by their id to support efficient in-memory merge-joins; and 3) encoding both structural and contentrelated information into a single, unified index structure. Our INEX 2008 experiments demonstrate efficiency gains of up to a factor of 30 compared to the previous Java/JDBC-based TopX 1.0 implementation over a relational back-end. TopX 2.0 achieves overall runtimes of less than 51 seconds for the entire batch of 568 Efficiency Track topics in their content-and-structure (CAS) version and less than 29 seconds for the content-only (CO) version, respectively, using a top-15, focused (i.e., non-overlapping) retrieval mode—an average of merely 89 ms per CAS query and 49 ms per CO query.

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