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Kammerer, Klaus and Pryss, Rüdiger and Reichert, Manfred (2020) Context-Aware Querying and Injection of Process Fragments in Process-Aware Information Systems. In: 24th Int'l Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2020), 5 - 8 October 2020, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Schwer, Dominik (2020) Privacy Threat Modeling with LINDDUN in the Context of the General Data Protection Regulation. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Kammerer, Klaus and Pryss, Rüdiger and Hoppenstedt, Burkhard and Sommer, Kevin and Reichert, Manfred (2020) Process-Driven and Flow-Based Processing of Industrial Sensor Data. Sensors, 20 (18). ISSN 1424-8220

Biro, Kristijan (2019) Objekterkennung mit ARKit und TensorFlow: Anwendungsfälle, Konzepte, Evaluierung. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Stenske, Irina (2019) Konzeption und Implementierung von Multi-Device Interaktionen zur Unterstützung industrieller Wartungsprozesse. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Reiner, Jens (2019) Chatbots zur Unterstützung von industriellen Serviceprozessen. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Palazzolo, Ivo (2019) Konzept und Implementierung eines Modellierungswerkzeugs zur Sensordatenverarbeitung. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Jäckle, Michael (2019) Semantic Machine Twins: Use Cases, Concepts, Prototype. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Kammerer, Klaus and Hoppenstedt, Burkhard and Pryss, Rüdiger and Stökler, Steffen and Allgaier, Johannes and Reichert, Manfred (2019) Anomaly Detections for Manufacturing Systems Based on Sensor Data—Insights into Two Challenging Real-World Production Settings. Sensors, 19 (24). ISSN 1424-8220

Bötticher, Moritz (2018) Erhebung, Modellierung und Implementierung von Wareneingangs- und Qualitätssicherungsprozessen auf Basis von Liferay Enterprise Portal. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Jann, Julius (2018) Fast Transfer of 3D Models in Web Configuration Systems. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Bihlmaier, Sven (2018) Konzept und Implementierung eines Frameworks zur Verwaltung von Digital Twins. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

von Schwerin, Clemens (2018) Time Series Analysis in the Context of the Internet of Things: Classic Solutions vs New Approaches for Typical Problem Situations. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Kammerer, Klaus and Pryss, Rüdiger and Sommer, Kevin and Reichert, Manfred (2018) Towards Context-aware Process Guidance in Cyber-Physical Systems with Augmented Reality. In: 4th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Self-Adaptive, Collaborative, and Cyber Physical Systems (RESACS'18), RE Workshops 2018, 20-24 Aug 2018 , Banff, Canada.

Göster, Manuel (2017) Concept and Implementation of a Factory Simulation. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Kammerer, Klaus and Mundbrod, Nicolas and Reichert, Manfred (2017) Demonstrating Context-aware Process Injection with the CaPI Tool. In: Proceedings of the BPM Demo Session 2017 (BPMD 2017), co-located with the 15th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2017), September 10-15, 2017, Barcelona.

Sommer, Kevin (2017) Evaluierung und Implementierung einer Plattform für divergente Daten im pharmazeutischen Umfeld. Masters thesis, Universität Ulm.

Roschat, Christian (2017) Augmented Reality for Machine Maintenance Applications. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Mundbrod, Nicolas and Grambow, Gregor and Kolb, Jens and Reichert, Manfred (2015) Context-Aware Process Injection: Enhancing Process Flexibility by Late Extension of Process Instances. In: 23rd International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS 2015), 28 - 30 October 2015, Rhodes, Greece.

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