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Pryss, Rüdiger and Reichert, Manfred and John, Dennis and Frank, Julian and Schlee, Winfried and Probst, Thomas (2018) A Personalized Sensor Support Tool for the Training of Mindful Walking. In: IEEE 15th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, 4-7 March 2018, Las Vegas. (Accepted for Publication)

Mendling, Jan and Weber, Ingo and Aalst, Wil Van Der and Brocke, Jan Vom and Cabanillas, Cristina and Daniel, Florian and Debois, Claudio Di and Dumas and Governatori, Guido and Hull, Richard and Rosa, Marcello La and Leopold, Henrik and Leymann, Frank and Recker, Jan and Reichert, Manfred and Reijers, Hajo A. and Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie and Solti, Andreas and Rosemann, Michael and Schulte, Stefan and Singh, Munindar P. and Slaats, Tijs and Staples, Mark and Weber, Barbara and Weidlich, Matthias and Weske, Mathias and Xu, Xiwei and Zhu, Liming (2018) Blockchains for Business Process Management - Challenges and Opportunities. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 9 (1). 4:1-4:16.

Jung, Philipp (2018) Data Management in Large-Scale Data Collection Scenarios. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Martin, Robin (2018) Developing a Complex User Interface for Mobile Data Collection Applications. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Widmann, Fabian (2018) Developing an API to Supply Third-party Applications with Environmental Data. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Kamargiannis, Dimitrios (2018) Developing an Extendable Process Engine using Cross-Platform Technologies. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Reichert, Manfred (2018) Enabling Flexible and Robust Business Process Automation for the Agile Enterprise. In: The Essence of Software Engineering. Springer. (Accepted for Publication)

Catalkaya, Murat (2018) Entwicklung von Anwendungsszenarien für adaptive Prozessmodelle im Kontext der Industrie 4.0. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Schönfeld, Maik (2018) Konzeption und Entwicklung eines Expression Verification Frameworks für ein objektzentriertes Prozessmanagementsystem. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Ernst, Leyla (2018) Konzeption und Realisierung eines Patientenmoduls für eine interdisziplinäre und multinationale Tinnitusdatenbank. Bachelor thesis, Ulm University.

Malsam, Florian (2018) Konzeption, Implementierung und Evaluation eines Rahmenwerks zur Auslesung der Herzfrequenz durch Fitnesstracker in Android. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Tong, Yu (2018) Path Recognition with DTW in a Distributed Environment. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

Kreidel, Stefan (2018) Personalized Car Configuration Recommendation System based on Machine Learning. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

von Schwerin, Clemens (2018) Time Series Analysis in the Context of the Internet of Things: Classic Solutions vs New Approaches for Typical Problem Situations. Masters thesis, Ulm University.

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